Atlantis, no one really knows what happened to it. But will we ever know? Three places thought to be where Atlantis is said to be are: Azores, Bimini Road, and Thera & Crete. So where is Atlantis?
Azores was thought to be Atlantis, because of Plato. Plato was quoting Egyptian Priests, through his uncle Solon, which Atlantis was beyond the Pillars of Hercules, fought a war with the Ancient Mediterranean, and sank in 9,400 B.C. Atlantis was filled with great seafarers, many elephants, and a large plain with a huge harbor city of concentric circles. Since Atlantis was said to be a large island in the true ocean, that surrounds the continents. It was thought to be in the mid-Atlantic. But Atlantis was thought to have colonized much of the world. This island fought a war with Greece and the Eastern Mediterranean. The sinking of Atlantis left only a few scattered islands. It is believed, islands such as the Azores were scattered.
Bimini Road, with the discovery in 1968, of what was to be a huge polygonal stone road called, “Bimini Road.” The stone road was in the shallow water off of Bimini. Atlantis was thought to have been found in the Caribbean. A lost pyramid, underwater staircases, and fallen pillars, are what it looked like. Atlantis could have over a large portion of Atlantic, from Azores to the Bahamas. Maybe even Florida. Recently, Indiana archaeologist, Jackson Judge, has suggested that Portsmouth, Ohio was the site of Atlantis.
Lastly, Thera & Crete, because according to the tourist literature in Greece, the exploration of the Aegean island Thera, destroyed the island of Crete, and at the same, Atlantis. While Plato is quite explicit in his time frame (9,400 B.C. and in the Atlantic), Greek archaeologists seem very certain that Atlantis can be only a few hundred miles from the city of Athens. Every year, thousands of tourists come to see Thera, and drink the local Atlantis wine. They also discuss the myths and legends of Atlantis. For them, Atlantis will never be found anywhere else!
So where is the mythical city of Atlantis? Did it even exist or was it merely just a myth?
What really happened to the lost city of Atlantis? Did it sink; or did it split in half, and disappear forever? I believe that it sunk, to the bottom of the ocean. Many people believe different theories. But that is not what I am here to say. I am going to tell you some theories, as to what happened to Atlantis.
There are many good theories, and here is one of them. Some people believe that the gods punished Atlantis. They were punished for not obeying the gods, and for not giving the gods, gifts. Like, food, and flowers, and anything else that might please the all mighty gods. So the gods became angry with the mortals. They decided to sink Atlantis to the bottom of the Atlantic sea, never to be seen again.
The second theory is that there was an underwater volcano that was right beneath the city. The people of Atlantis triggered the volcano, and it erupted. The force blew Atlantis out of the water, and it split in half. Then when it hit the water again, it wasn’t able to float, because it was cut in half. So it’s only choice was to sink, and that is what Atlantis done.
Next we have the theory, that there was an underwater earthquake. The quake went under Atlantis, and the force plunged Atlantis into the deep forever. Then I sunk into the crack of the earthquake, and it got stuck. So it couldn’t float back to the surface. Then the city of Atlantis was gone and it was like it disappeared.
Many explanations are very reasonable, but I think that this one is most likely to happen. This last theory that I have to say is that there was a tsunami, or tidal wave, that hit Atlantis. It is probably the most reasonable, because Atlantis was in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean. So it was obviously surrounded by water. In this theory, it was a normal day, and all of a sudden, a tsunami hit Atlantis. The huge waves pulled Atlantis under the water. Then, it hit the bottom of the sea, and it sunk into the sand. It got stuck, and couldn’t float back to the surface.
As I said before, there are many theories, as to what happened to Atlantis, but these are some that are likely to happen. I hope that you like our essay, and I hope you get some good information. There are also very many, possible places, of Atlantis.
Have you heard of a mythical island called Atlantis? Atlantis is an island that Poseidon made. This story was started by a philosopher named Plato. This place is said to be a continent. This place is supposed to be perfect. The people are wealthy, intelligent, enlightened, beautiful, and handsome. There are also a lot of strong animals. The land itself was a luscious land, for example, every plant has grown to its best and there were also sparkling fountains. The food was very plentiful and tasteful. They had great libraries, universities, observatories, laboratories, and academics for all ages. So all in all Atlantis was perfect.
The land of Atlantis was made for Cleito. She is the mortal who Poseidon fell in love with. There was a hill in the middle of Atlantis. On this hill were two temples, the temple of Cleito, and the temple of Poseidon. In the temples of Cleito and Poseidon there were statues both of them. There were also palaces for the ten sons. Those palaces were surrounded by rings of water and land. This was done to protect Cleito. There were bridges between each land circle so people could get across. They also dug a big canal from the city out to the sea so that ships could sail right up to the water circles. There is a theory that they had told the Greeks, Mayans, and Egyptians how to build their buildings.
Here is the story. Poseidon fell in love with a mortal named Cleito. He decided to make a city for her. So he did. They had ten sons. The first son was Atlas who they named the island after. When the ten kings grew to maturity they each got one tenth of the island. The ten kings were the first rulers. The ten kings had a periodical parliament meeting. While they had that meeting they would rally up bulls. When the kings got out they would let the bulls go and the people would wrestle the bulls empty handedly. Then the bulls were sacrificed to Poseidon. It all ended with a big banquet. At one parliament they decided that sharing ideas wasn’t enough. So they decided to go on a conquest of the world.
They overwhelmed the Incas, Aztecs, and Mayans, all of North Africa. They regrouped in Egypt so that they might invade Greece and then swept through Asia. When they got to Athens the Athenians were too strong. The Atlanteans retreated. No one knows what happened to it, but there are many theories.