Have you ever sat by a warm campfire and listened to people talk about a myth or legend? Well, then you’ve probably heard of the Banshee. But just in case you haven’t, we will tell you the mysterious legend of The Banshee.

The Banshee is not good or bad, but is a spirit of grief. She has been called a Angel of Death She died a horrible death and her spirit is left to wonder the shores of Ireland watching over her family and loved ones and warning people about there family members death.

The Banshee is said to be sighted late night in the forest. People say she sings an old Irish poem that sounds like a cry, to warn people about there family members death. The Banshee is called many things… Like Bean Sidhe, which mean women of the fairy mounds. They say once you hear her cry, one of their family members dies.

The Banshee doesn’t watch over random people, but she only watches over the families who have Mac to their surname. She is also attached to the five Gaelic Families and they are the O’Gradys, the O’Niels, the O’ Briains, the O’Concholbhairs, and the Caomhanachs. She will follow these families and warn them about there one of their family member’s deaths.

People can describe the banshee as different things, maybe as an old scary woman or a young beautiful woman. The old woman has long knotted gray hair and a long ragged dress, but the young were a long unknotted hair was long white dress. The banshee can be seen as many animals like a wolf, a dog, a hare, a owl, a snake, and a crow.

The Banshee was first said to be sighted in 1437 by King James the 1 of Scotland. He was approached by an Irish seer who was a banshee. She told him that he was going to in the Instigation of the Earl of Atholl. Soon he did die just as The Banshee predicted. She then mated with a young hunter named Trug and they had twins – two daughters who were also banshees. There names were Malady and Malaise. They were originally called Kin until the humans thought of “Banshee”. The Banshee of Ireland is typically clothed in dark colored robe. She is similar to the “Grim Reaper “. The beautiful banshee is more common in Ireland and the ugly Banshee is more common in Scotland.