Dragons are mythical creatures that appear in different types of cultures and periods. They have been described as monsters, beasts, and reptiles. There is something magical about dragons that are not in many other animals we have today. So now, if you listen to my story I will tell you the history of how dragons lived and how they became a myth.
The dragon is a creature set apart from any other not because of their appearance but because of their amazing intelligence. One reason that they dragon is smart is because it lived longer than a human and for its wisdom and experience. Dragons mostly are used to explain information and people thought they could tell weather and time. No one for sure can describe the dragon but a physiologist in India dug up some bones of what we call today, dragons. In China and Japan people really respected dragons for their intelligence and thought, they meant good luck but in Europe and England, they hated dragons because they used to destroy and break their stuff.
Some people usually thought dragons that they have long wings and can breathe out fire. They have scales and claws all over their body and some of them have two heads or more, also they have two, four, or even more legs. Dragons were classified of eating rats, birds, snakes, bats, and sometimes-even humans. They usually live in dark and damp places far away from humans as possible. The dragon is a warm-blooded creature, which have beauty on the outside and inside. Most countries have their own type of dragon religion, as different from the others as possible.
Some people thought that dragons roamed the planet just when the times of dinosaurs. Others claimed that they had seen dragons in their life but unfortunately, they had no proof to support it. Most people who said they saw them agreed that humans were the first to defeat dragons. There have been many stories and legends told about them but none seem to capture our minds or explain them. One of the biggest differences in dragons is there culture and religion, especially the eastern dragons.
Stories of dragons appear in our history and almost every culture seems to have its own thought about dragons. This could also be because our scientists found out one of the biggest clues yet and that is: Dragon fossils. Instead of myths or legends, dragons have also appeared in stories and fairy tales that go back to the time of gods in mythology. There were many stories told about dragons mostly with a hero who has to save the queen and fight the evil dragon.
In ancient Rome, the people respected dragons as a source of knowledge and experience and used them as symbols of strength and bravery for their military. The two kinds of forms they used in Rome are heroism, to protect them, and fearsome, used as a threat. One of the many stories told over there was called: The Dragonlet of St. Pilatus. It was about this man with a bad temper and skills; he had a sword that he used to destroy the monster that was only the height of a hero.

We know all this stuff about dragons because there was evidence that they could have lived in the dinosaur times and you found footprints, bones, and fossils. They have also been found in pieces of artwork, sculptures, and lots of other stuff. All these facts state that these mythical creatures have touched our hearts and inspired us along the way.
Now I am going to talk to you about one of the most famous dragons ever called, Yu. It was the rain god of Chinese mythology, and a beautiful golden dragon. The legend Yu Controlled the Flood told how to came to be. It was about The Yellow Emperor how looked at the Earth as a cruel country, telling the other rain god to cause a flood in Earth and destroy the country. His grandson named Kun tried to stop it but the Yellow Emperor was going to kill Kun. Before he died, Kun had told Yu about the Yellow Emperor plan and to stop it. Yu went to the emperor and begged on his knees, until finally he agreed to give him so mud and stop the flood.
Next, I'm going to talk to you about Earth dragons, one of the most fascinating and extraordinary creatures ever lived. These creatures were first discovered at the year 1928 and were forgotten about in the year 1988. The Earth dragon is a really quiet, sensitive dragon than the others. It also understands other feelings and supports other opinions even if he doesn’t agree with them. He always tries to control his temper, but at the same time demands respect and tries to make the world a better place.
There are many different types of dragons and they give us the ability to look at them in our imagination, even though if you can't see them in real life. They are one of the most magical creatures that have inspired us thousands of years ago. Whether these creatures are or ever were real doesn't matter due to the fact that the imagination can create them in almost any situation.